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Thursday, June 13, 2013

the 'i'

and i see me in this picture..
afraid that i think too much..
and i say more..
but i do nothing..
don't be the 'i'..

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Rintihan HambaMu said...


Qeela said...

nice :) anyways thans for the visit dear :) umm sorry but i couldn't find the follow button neither do the cbox.i'd love to keep in touch with u though.maybe i can just use the manual steps.
Salam Jumaat and wassalam :)

CintaElya said...

srikandi, :)

qeela,your most welcome dear..btw,the follow button or the cbox will appear a little bit late..sorry for the incovinience..
salam ukhwahfiLlah too..insyaAllah.. ^^

Qeela said...

Thanks dear, now I've got it :)
Done followed u, mind following me back?
Syukran ya ukhti :)