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Saturday, April 24, 2010

spirit 0f d Companion..

Spirit of The Companion
Knowing them... and do'a for others.....

Khalid bin Walid,
The "Sword of Allah,"
Didn't let the flag fall,
in the Battle of Mu'ta.

He fought in many battles,
Was the greatest army head,
A valiant fighter,
who died in bed.

Disturbed by discord among Muslims,
was Jamaluddin Afghani
The Muslim Missionary,
and caller to Islamic Unity

Salahuddin Ayubi,
treated enemies charitably,
Liberated Jerusalem to people’s joy,
Was patient, fair, and devoutly.

Imam Bukhari,
Took great pains
He collected a hadith,
for heavenly gains

A learned person was he,
With a great memory
and is also well known,
for his work and piety.

Imam Abu Hanifa,
A great merchant,
A great scholar of fiqh,
Who encouraged education.

All these role models,
So pious and great.
Let’s not only praise them,
But strive to emulate.

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